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The Flower of Evil Web Series Online

The Flower of Evil (2020)

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The Flower of Evil, Korean Suspense Thriller Series, With Subtitles, Releasing on 24th January, Streaming on Netflix

The story revolves around a loving couple with their beautiful, little daughter. Everything seems to be going smooth for them. Until, all of a sudden there are mysterious murders taking over the entire place. This is what the wife will be investigating as she is the detective in charge of the cases. All this while, they don’t realise that someone amongst their own might be at fault for all this. The deep, dark secret the husband is hiding and something scary from his past will eventually come up and make their worlds shift. Things take a different turn when they realise that they have to do something major to solve this mystery while keeping their family and daughter protected. Will they be able to solve the crime? Will the wife know her husband’s past?

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