The Sleepover

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Rated 3.5

The-Sleepover-American-Movie-Streaming-Online-Watch-on--NetflixThe Sleepover American Action Comedy Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix With English Subtitles, Release Date 21st August 2020. This action comedy by Netflix, is about a couple of siblings who go after their parents kidnappers. Sister and brother duo, Clancy and Kevin, along with their two friends follow clues left behind their kidnapped mother (acted by Malin Ackerman), who turns out to be a high-end thief placed in the witness protection program. Following the clues lead them to find different types of spy gear owned by their mom and her ex-fiance (portrayed by Joe Manganiello). With their parents forced to steal a crown, a ticking clock and the newly found spy gear, the kids embark on an epic adventure to get their parents back. This movie is a children’s comedy movie which is themed around a similar premise of the movie Spy Kids, but in this case, their mother is a highly skilled robber, not an international spy. Cast: Sadie Stanley, Maxwell Simkins, Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Cree Cicchino, Lucas Jaye, Karla Souza, Enuka Okuma, Erik Griffin and Joe Manganiello. Written by Sarah Rothschild. Directed by Trish Sie.



The Sleepover