Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy

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Transformers-War-for-Cybertron-TrilogySci-Fi fantasy Anime series based on the popular ‘Hasbro’ toy franchise, “Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy” is releasing on Netflix on 30th July, 2020. The series will consist of six episodes of twenty two minutes runtime. The two parts will follow later. Synopsis – The first part “Siege” begins with a devastating civil war between Autobots and Decepticons. ‘Megatron’ and ‘Optimus Prime’ both want to save the world but in their own ways. The story will follow the battle weary, outnumbered Autobots trying to create a series of counterstrikes hoping it will kill their planet in order to save it. Starring Jake Foushee, Jason Marnocha, Joe Ziega, Linsay Rousseau, Edward Bosco, Rafael Goldstein, Sophia Isabella, Brook Chalmers, Todd Haberkorn, Keith Silverstein and Kaiser Johnson. It is produced by Rooster Teeth, Allspark Animation and Polygon Pictures. It is written by Brandon M Easton, George Krstic and Gavin Hignight.