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China Strikes Again…On OTT Platforms!

By Binged Binged Bureau - June 24, 2020 @ 10:47 am

China Strikes Again...On OTT Platforms!China strikes once again but this time on the country’s live-streaming online applications. It has decided to take action against 10 apps that included ByteDance’s Xigua, Huya Inc., DouYu International Holdings Ltd., NetEase Inc.’s CC Live and Baidu Inc.’s Quanmin among others.

Regulators have decided to punish these applications because they promote vulgar content on their platforms including hosts wearing revealing clothing, indecent dances and parodies. It has punished these apps by halting user sign ups, discontinuing updates for their channels to even black-listing some of the live-streaming hosts.

Recently, Chinese authorities also examined 31 major online platforms and asked 10 of them to fix their content and start black listing serial offenders.

In April, it suspended Baidu’s mobile application for showing vulgar content and last year LGBT discussion groups were also removed from Bilibili in a larger scheme to curtail the voices of the community.

The crackdown on online applications is becoming stringent in the country which has a rising demand for online content. These applications reach even the most interior parts of the country, accelerating their reach and use especially given the current pandemic. Although authorities are known to control all media channels through strict censorship they are striking hot on these apps now more than ever due to the freedom of expression that they offer to their users online.

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