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Operation Christmas Drop, an English movie is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on November 5th 2020.


Operation Christmas Drop is a story of a congressional aide who gathers evidence to support the closing of a tropical U.S. Base. She suddenly starts to warm up to the big-hearted captain who is in charge there.

The congressional aide (Kat Graham) has to be away from her family for Christmas and check out the tropical U.S. Base which is going to be shut down. While she is at it, she meets the stunning Air Force Pilot (Alexander Ludwig).

She warms up to this captain, who is easy on the eyes and has a big heart. A new Netflix special that revolves around the theme of Christmas and discovering the joys of this season.

Fun Trivia: Operation Christmas Drop is a tradition which started in 1952. It began as a training mission for the U.S. Department of Airforce and has become one of the longest-running humanitarian airlift missions in the world.

Starring: Alexander Ludwig, Kat Graham.

Directed By: Martin Wood.

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