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What Role Will Regional Content Play in the Future of OTT Platforms?

By Binged Binged Bureau - January 7, 2021 @ 9:21 am

Regional OTT - PlatformsOTT platforms have been sort of like saving grace during this pandemic as it gave the viewers a chance to enjoy premium content from the confines of their homes without having to risk their lives. The lockdown also played a big part in the growth of such platforms as the audiences have migrated towards these platforms.

Not only have these platforms played an important part in giving talented under-the-radar actors a larger audience but have also helped promote more local stories that have made an impact on the audience as they can connect to it on a more personal level.

Apart from these stories OTT platforms have also helped promote a lot of regional content which brings local artists into the limelight. Pratik Gandhi from Scam 1992 is a prime example of how digital platforms have helped local performers.

Apart from that upcoming platforms like MX Player have also created a lot of regional content whether it was Samantar which was one of the most unique Marathi web series ever created. They also have a host of other Marathi and Gujrati titles.

They recently announced a Punjab series which tells you that they are gravitating towards the local audience. platforms such as Hoichoi and Aha have also enjoyed some traction even though they only cater to a specific audience.

With digital platforms taking big strides concerning the content they are creating as they are always looking for ways to enthuse their audience local content will get a big boost and this will help regional cinema in a big way.
We expect this trend to continue as we think that more and more language-specific platforms will come into the mix in the future.

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