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Operation Parindey Review – Feels Like a Long And Extended Climax

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - March 7, 2020 @ 10:11 pm
Binged Rating2.5/5
Operation Parindey Review -

BOTTOM LINE: Feels Like a Long And Extended Climax

Rating: 2.5/5

Platform: ZEE Genre: Crime

What Is the Story About?

A daring jailbreak by Pabbi (Aakash Dahiya) brings a few criminals out. Among them is a criminal mastermind Monty Singh (Rahul Dev) who is the prime suspect behind blasts in India. How the Special Task Force (STF) officer Abhinav Mathur (Amit Sadh) catches Monty Singh within twenty-four hours is what the movie is all about?


Amit Sadh once again comes up with a sincere and engrossing act. Since all the proceedings happen within a short time, there is less scope for the actor to showcase different emotional side. He sticks to a single intense expression required for the proceedings and nails it perfectly, without going overboard anywhere. There is nothing much to say about the act, besides the consistency in how it is carried throughout.

Operation Parindey Review -


Sanjay Gadhvi returns to direction after a long gap. The last film he directed was Ajab Gazab Love which came way back in 2012. The one before that was another disastrous affair that arrived four years back. To those unaware, he is the same person behind the first two Dhoom movies, which made it the biggest franchise in Indian cinema.

The bottom line here is that Sanjay Gadhvi hasn’t tasted any success in over a decade and a half.  Also, he doesn’t have any notable work to show during the same period. Operation Parindey, therefore, can be seen as a comeback of sorts. It is nowhere his best work, which is limited to Dhoom series in any way.

The entire film feels like an extended climax of an action blockbuster. Right from the start to the end, it is one continuous chase by a special task force. What makes the narrative tick is the small breathing spaces it gets involving character interaction.

For example, the interrogation involving the police officer and STF are neatly and humorously (in an understated way) showcased. They are engaging. The thinking of the police and the criminal being the same, with the former being a step ahead is also fine.

However, the repetitiveness is felt very soon within the very short run time of less than one hour. The entire movie also feels like the final act in motion from the start. The lack of connection with the lead protagonist and weak presentation of the conflict (although inspired by real events) is a bummer.

One doesn’t feel the adrenaline rush that is required to have a connection with the narrative, which also never takes off. The end makes it feel like the movie had ended way too early, and there is a lot more that could be part of it. The nagging feeling of un-fulfilment is the biggest drawback of Operation Parindey.

In the end, Operation Parindey feels like a one-note extended climax where the villain is caught. The thrills are there in parts, but the overall killer punch and wow factor, are amiss. Give it a try as it will be over before you realise. If the earliest parts itself feel repetitive and doesn’t give the motive to go forward, don’t you wouldn’t have missed much, if you stopped there.

Operation Parindey Review -

Other Artists?

There is no proper character development in Operation Parindey for any character. The only ones which have a semblance of the same, are the lead actor and a couple of supporting parts. It also involves the antagonist played by Rahul Dev. After a  long time, Rahul Dev is seen doing something significant besides plying the run of the mill role. It could have been much more impactful had there been better writing.

Aakash Dahiya has a couple of scenes towards the end which presents a glimpse of his depth in the dramatic action. Rucha Inamdar is wasted. Balkar Sidhu is okay and helps provide the lighter moments in the serious narrative. The rest are alright.

Music and Other Departments?

The background score by Jamit is on predictable terrain. The recurring background score feels like an inspiration of some easily recognisable score. The cinematography Arkodeb Mukherjee is decent. The editing is alright, but the writing could have been better.



Basic Story



Loses Momentum As It Progresses



Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, but with reservations

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