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6 Inspiring Web-Series To Watch Ahead Of Netflix’s Alma Matters Release

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 9, 2021 @ 4:31 pm


Netflix’s Alma Matters:

Inside The IIT Dream is right on the corner. The docu-series is scheduled to release on the 14th of May and we are sure it will instantly become a fan favorite. The docu-series follows India’s premier institute of engineering, which is IIT Kharagpur and the lives and struggles of the students that get into the coveted college.

Well, since there’s some time till the series comes out, we have prepared a list of shows for you that will get in the mood to watch the upcoming series. These are some of India’s most famous web-series and we are sure you might have watched but again there’s no harm in repeating it and ofcourse, if you haven’t watched, now definitely is the best time.

Aspirants Hinidi Web Series Review
Aspirants (YouTube)

The series from TVF, started streaming few weeks ago and instantly became a hit as it was able to strike a chord with the youngsters of today’s generation. The 5 episode webseries follows the journey of 3 friends and their lives in the past as well as present. While the past explores their struggles and issues as they prepared for the UPSC exams in Delhi, the present dives into what actually happened to them with all their struggles. The best part besides all these is definitely how the series focuses on their friendship through all these years. The series has perfectly described all the aspects of what an aspiring candidate of UPSC examination goes through.

Pitchers (YouTube)

Everyone out there today for once have at least thought of leaving whatever they are doing and start their very own company. Well, Pitchers is exactly that. TVF’s Pitchers follows the story of four young men, who are just tired of what they are doing and get together to open up their venture, their very own start up. But, is it easy? Absolutely not. The series shows the struggles, ups and downs and turbulence that anyone opening up their start-up faces. This without doubt is one of the best series to come from TVF among others.

Kota Factory
Kota Factory (YouTube)

Who doesn’t know Kota? There hardly will be anyone today who hasn’t heard of this place in Rajasthan. This place is famous for its coaching institutes and how it is almost like a factory that churns out engineers and doctors every year for the best institutes in the country. The series Kota Factory, too follows the story of kids who are working hard, day and night to crack the renowned entrance examinations for IIT called IIT-JEE. It is one such series that has a fan base from every age group. Also, this is the first Black & White Indian web-series

Laakhon Mein Ek
Laakhon Mein Ek (Amazon Prime Video)

Laakhon Mein Ek, comes from the man who has made endless jokes on his time in IIT. We are talking about none other than Biswa Kalyan Rath. The show follows the journey of a young boy named Akash Gupta, who has dreams of doing mimicry and becoming an internet sensation but instead he is pushed into coaching for cracking and getting into IIT, as this is his father’s dreams. To make this dream come true, he is enrolled in a coaching institute and now everything around him changes.

Hostel Daze
Hostel Daze (Amazon Prime Video)

Inspiring might not be the perfect word to describe the series, but nostalgia and fun definitely are the best words for it. Anyone who has ever lived in a hostel and more so in an engineering college’s hostel, well then this one is for you. Hostel Daze is this fun filled yet chaotic series that follows 4 young boys who try to navigate their way through their lives in engineering college, while staying together in the hostel. The show mainly focuses on the hostel days of the boys.

Engineering Girls
Engineering Girls (Netflix, YouTube)

Again, another fun web-series for you to watch. This is a special one as not many make web series and include characters that are girls from engineering colleges. This show will take you on a ride in an engineering college not from a guy’s point of view but from a girl’s point of view. The show follows three friends who go through everything, from hostel dramas to relationships issues, all while trying to make their dreams come true and strive harder to survive in the world of engineering colleges.

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