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Eken Babu Season 4 (2020)

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Get ready folks! Our favorite detective is coming back to Hoichoi with a brand new season 4. Yes we are talking about Eken Babu which debuted on Hoichoi in 2018 and since then has released upto 3 seasons till now. With each season showing new mystery for Eken Babu to solve. Eken Babu is based on the character created by Sujan Dasgupta. Now at first glance one might not think that Eken Babu will be a detective but he is sharp as a tack and observes everyone in his surroundings.

The detective comedy series’ season four will be directed by Joydeep Mukherjee and Surajit Chatterjee.


Season 4 which is set in Murshidabad will follow one of the toughest challenges faced by Eken Babu. The story starts off with Eken Babu getting invited to a mansion called Burman Badi which has historical connections. The mansion is big and has many people’s eye on it. The family of the mansion is not in good terms as they are always thinking of grabbing the mansion. The owner of Burman Badi announces that he desires to give all his wealth to his elder son, the son who is not known by the family. Naturally his another son opposes of the idea and claimes that he only is the true heir of the estate and the mansion belongs to him. In the middle of this, several of the items from the mansion starts to go missing. One day the elder son of the owner is found dead, the family thinks it is a suicide but Eken Babu thinks otherwise. What is the truth?


The show includes :- Anirban Chakrabarti in the lead. With Kaushik Chatterjee, Kaushiki Guha, Anuradha Mukherjee, Debopriyo Mukherjee, Chitra Vanu Basu in supporting roles. Kinjal Kumar Nanda, Mridul Chandra Sen, Sohini Banerjee and others will be seen in crucial roles as well.

Hoichoi recently released an official trailer for the show which is available on YouTube as well. Do check the trailer out!

Eken Babu’s Season 4 will be arriving on October 2nd 2020 on Hoichoi.

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