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Pelé (2021)

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Pele, a documentary is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 23rd February.

Pele is one of the biggest legends of the football game and has created a multitude of records in the sports which have helped him cement his name in the hall of fame.

The documentary chronicles the life of Pele and looks at the extraordinary period where Pele became the only player to have won 3 world cups. Pele went from a teenage sensation to a national hero and everyone around him was simply awe-struck by his presence. Pele managed to do all of this in the backdrop of what could be called a radical and turbulent era.

This documentary gives us rare filmed footage of Pele as we take a look at what into making one of the greatest footballing superstars at that time with some exclusive footage from other legends like Zagallo, Amarildo, and Jairzinho. It also consists of rare testimonials from other friends and family.

Directed By: David Tryhorn, Ben Nicholas

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23 Feb 2021

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