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SIR (2018)

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Sir, Hindi film is streaming online, watch on Netflix with English subtitles, release date 9th January

Sir is a Hindi language romantic drama, set in the backdrop of class and societal divides. The movie had a limited theatrical run, after which it has arrived on streaming.

Ratna (Tillotama Shome) works as a live-in maid at the home of Ashwin (Vivek Gomber), an aspiring writer from New York, who has to give up his dreams to care for his family in Mumbai after his brother passes away. An unlikely friendship develops between the two as Ratna lends him emotional support to get over his failed marriage and career dreams. He too encourages and supports Ratna in her dream to become a fashion designer.

The film is a sensitive exploration of the barriers created by class, society and restricted mentalities, which do not let the free-thinking Ashwin and Ratna, who is deeply conscious of her place in life, act upon their growing love for each other.

It is only when Ratna and Ashwin are separated by circumstances that they realise the true depth of their love for each other, a depth that enables them to break the shackles of society and find each other for ever.

Starring: Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Divya Seth, Dilnaz Irani, Anupriya Goenka, Rashi Mal, Bachan Pachera, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Ahmareen Anjum, Rahul Vohra, Saharsh Kumar Shukla

Written and directed by Rohena Gera

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SIR Hindi Movie Online Watch



09 Jan 2021

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