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Mosquito Coast (2021)

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The Mosquito Coast, an English series is streaming online, watch on Apple TV +, streaming on 30th April

The Mosquito Coast is an edge-of-the-seat Apple original thriller.

The Mosquito Coast has been adapted from a best-selling novel ‘The Mosquito Coast’ by Paul Theroux. It is an adventure that follows the journey of an idealist and an amazing inventor, Allie Fox. He is forced to take his family to Mexico in order to provide a safe haven for them. This series provides us with a lot of twists and turns and has a dark vibe to it as Allie tries to protect his family at all costs.

Starring: Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Gabriel Bateman, Kimberly Elise, Logan Polish.
Directed by: Rupert Wyatt.

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