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Short Circuit Movie Streaming Online

Short Circuit (2019)

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Short Circuit is a Gujarati sci-fi film that is streaming online, watch on Eros Now, streaming on 23rd January.


Short Circuit is a one of its kind Gujarati sci-fi film.

The story of Short Circuit revolves around a young Indian trainee who is working for NASA and is given the duty of protecting a news reporter after she is threatened on T.V.

Unfortunately, she gets killed but due to some discrepancy, the young trainee starts to live the same day again and again and tries his best to keep her away from danger. Sci-Fi can always be a tough thing to execute due to the amount of work that has to go in the background.

Short Circuit shows a lot of promise and will hopefully tell us a riveting Sci-Fi story in a great manner that will captivate the audience.

Starring: Dhvanit Thaker, Kinjal Rajpriya, Smit Pandya

Directed by: Faisal Hashmi

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