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Waffles + Mochi (2021)

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Waffles + Mochi: Season 1, American Culinary Show, Releasing on 16th March, 2021, Streaming on Netflix

Waffles+Mochi is a culinary show that will take viewers on a culinary ride. Starring Michelle Obama along with two cute puppets Waffles and Mochi, the series will travel across the world in search of those amazing foods that are not only tasty but are known to be world renowned. In this journey of theirs, they will be meeting famous chefs and know their secrets to the great recipes they produce. They will be savoring the food with some of the great names in Hollywood too. While that happens, Michelle Obama will teach kids a crucial lesson about the importance of home cooked meals and the effects and habits of packaged meals.

Starring: Michelle Zamora, Russ Walko, Michelle Obama
Creators: Erika Thormahlen, Jeremy Konner

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