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Country Comfort: Season 1, American Comedy Series, Releasing on 19th March, 2021, Streaming on Netflix

Netflix’s new sitcom is a musical comedy show that follows the journey of a young country music singer, Baily. She goes through a hard phase in her life as she loses track of what is going on in her life. With it, she loses her chance to go ahead in her music career. To keep herself afloat and equipped, she lends a job of a nanny. She goes on to take care of Beau, a cowboy’s kids and life takes a turn for the better with a lot of laughter involved. 9 before her has given up the job but something in her helps them click. Her presence fills up the loss of their mother the kids felt. Also, maybe the kids are also something that Baily needed, as the musically talented family helps her get back on her feet.

Starring: Catherine McPhee, Eddie Cibrian, Jamie Martin Mann, Griffin McIntyre, Alexander Neher, Brooklyn MacKinzie, Kirilee Berger, Shiloh Verrico, Eric Balfour and Janet Varney
Created By: Caryn Lucas

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