Dragon’s Dogma

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Dragon’s-Dogma-Web-Series--Streaming-Online-Watch-on-NetflixDragon’s Dogma Animated Web Series Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix With English Subtitles, Release Date 17th September 2020. Dragon’s Dogma is a CG animated web series released by Netflix, based off of the hugely successful, action role-playing game with the same name created by CAPCOM. The game was released in 2012 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game was well ahead of it’s time with it’s innovative ‘Pawn’ system featuring in it’s gameplay which attracted a lot of gamers. This is the second anime from Netflix which is based off of a popular video game, the first being Castlevania. The story of the web series begins when a dragon reappears after 100 years of absence and attacks a small village. Ethan, one of the villagers, tries very hard to protect his family from the menacing creature, but fails in doing so. In his failure, something terrible also happens to him. After the despairing incident, Ethan swears that he will have his revenge against the dragon. The series follow Ethan on his quest for vengeance. The plot of the anime is similar to the game so far, but there will be new characters introduced in the series and Ethan’s personality will be slightly altered as well. Dragon’s Dogma will be produced by the Japanese CG Animation company Sublimation with Taiki Sakurai acting as the executive producer. Directed by Shin’ya Sugai Written by Kurasumi Sunayama Designed by Iku Nishimura