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Locked (2020)

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  Locked is a Telugu language, home invasion thriller with elements of con, drama and others mixed in equal doses. The series has opened with mixed reviews with the core plot and cast getting appreciation. Dr Anand Chakravarthy (Satya Dev) is a neurosurgeon par excellence. He performs complex surgeries with high precision and ease. During one of his operations, he notices something is off with his colleague Dr Misbah. Later in the night, Dr Misbah calls Dr Chakravarthy that he has suicidal thoughts and that he would like to quit the profession. He says that he wants to meet him immediately. Dr Chakravarthy agrees to meet him in the night. On the same rainy evening, Vaishnavi knocks the door of a house. A guy opens it and initially reluctant to help, agrees eventually. It is only with the pursuance of Vaishnavi and the presence of an ill feeling aunt, Padmini that he decides to let them in. It turns out the house is that of Dr Chakravarthy and the guy opening the door is a thief. What happens to Dr Chakravarthy, who are, Vaishnavi and Padmini, where is Dr Misbah, and finally who is the guy inside the house. All the questions are answered in locked as they all are literally locked inside. Pradeep Deva Kumar has written and directed the series. Apart from Satya Dev, the series consists of names like Samyukta, Sri Lakshmi, Bindu, Vasu Inturi and John Kottoly in critical roles. Locked Trailer: https://youtu.be/ZwBcGJEDPJI

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