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Strip Down, Rise Up Movie Streaming Online

Strip Down, Rise Up (2020)

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Strip Down, Rise Up, English documentary film is streaming online, watch on Netflix with English subtitles, release date 5th February 2021

Strip Down, Rise Up is an insightful documentary feature film that chronicles the powerful transformation that takes place in women when then learn to let go of their inhibitions and learn how to pole dance.

A varied group of women, who’ve all gone through past traumas of their own – body shaming, sexual abuse, the loss of a loved one, living with suppressed sexuality – is introduced to pole dancing. Through letting their bodies sway to the sensual music, putting aside ingrained inhibitions of a lifetime, these women gain the power of confidence, self esteem, self love, are able to leave behind their emotional trauma and emerge renewed and radiant.

Pole dancing, considered salacious by many is a powerful way to allow these women to rediscover themselves, rejuvenate and shine in their own confidence. Director Michèle Ohayon says that she made Strip Down, Rise Up to celebrate women who transform from victim to victors through the beautiful, sensual art of pole dancing and movement.

Directed by Michèle Ohayon

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