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Thoda Adjust Please (2021)

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Thoda Adjust Please, a Hindi series is streaming online, watch on Eros Now, streaming on 17th February.

Thoda Adjust Please is one of those unique rom-coms where two pairs are trying to find their spark to live and love.

Thoda Adjust Please is another Eros Now original with a unique twist. Isha and Jai are a couple who are looking to make things work and keep the chemistry alive in their relationship while navigating through life and its ups and downs. Gauri and Radhey come to the big city with hopes of making their dreams come true and realizing their true potential.

What starts out as a bitter relationship between both the pairs slowly turns into one where they can share their problems and struggles with each other. Watch out to find out if they can survive the clutches of the big city and carve out a beautiful life for themselves?

Starring: Malhaar rathod, Rohan Khurana, Aanchal Sharma, Gandharv Dewan.

Directed By: Archit Kumar

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