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Baggio: The Devine Ponytail Movie Streaming Online

Baggio: The Devine Ponytale (2021)

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Baggio: The Devine Ponytale, an English movie is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 26th May.

Baggio: The Devine Ponytale tells us the story on Roberto Baggio, one of Italy’s most famous footballer.

Roberto Baggio won a plethora of titles in his highly lucrative career as a footballer and inspired millions of people to fall in love with the game. He was given the nickname ‘The Divine Ponytail’ because of his unconventional hairstyle. The Divine Ponytail takes a look at his 22 year old playing career which also includes his tough debut as a player and some of the rifts that he had with his coaches over the past.

Roberto Baggio played mostly as a second striker but was comfortable with several offensive positions on the field.
Starring: Andrea Arcangeli, Valentina Belle, Thomas Trabacchi.
Directed by: Letizia Lamartire

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