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Basement Company (2020)

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The first jobs are always the most memorable. They bring the joy of getting your first paycheck, first sense of responsibility and make you feel like an adult. You are ambitious and have high hopes but reality kicks in when the job actually starts and you realize the corporate world is not all fancy as you have seen in movies or shows. The only sense of relief you get is from the friends you make at your workplace. Knowing that they are going through the same as you is what keeps you going. MX Exclusive Series and a Mirchi Play Original – Basement Company brings you a relatable and fun tale revolving around three youngsters Raj, Simran and Rahul who are forced into the basement of their office, a small start-up PunjaBeats based in Gurgaon. They feel they are the three ‘Badnaseeb Buddies’ who have to spend their 8-hour workday with spotty wifi, a leaking ceiling and a workspace that they would’ve never imagined calling their own. The story is about how they face their challenges and come out of the situations they are put in with strong bonds, relationships and a new life. This comedy drama series is an MXPlayer exclusive and will start streaming on the platform from 24th June, 2020. Cast : Apoorva Arora, Gagan Arora, Mayur More. Director : Divyanshu Malhotra https://youtu.be/zLvqHqf6BPc

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