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Love Alarm Season 2 (2021)

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Love Alarm, Season 2, Korean series is streaming online on Netflix with English subtitles.

Love Alarm is a Korean series which is set in a world where an app alert tells people if someone nearby likes them. In this very world lives Kim Jojo who experiences young love while coping with personal adversities. In this second season of Love Alarm, Jojo wants a proof for her feelings and thus uninstalls the shield and makes the app ring for her one true love. Love Alarm is an emotional and romantic drama based on Korean webtoon.

Starring: Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang, Ko Min-si, Z. Hera, Shin Seung-ho, Lee Jae-eung, Song Sun-mi

Created by: Lee Na-jeong, Lee Ayoun, Seo Bora

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