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Vincenzo (2021)

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Vincenzo, Korean Thriller Drama, with English Subtitles, Releasing on 20th February, 2021, Streaming on Netflix.


Adopted by an Italian family while he was a baby and raised amongst the mafia families, Park Joo-hyung is given the name of Vincenzo Cassano. Years later, a mafia lawyer himself he comes back to his motherland as wars break out amongst the families in Italy. Amused by the sheer corruption and the happenings of a giant conglomerate in South Korea, he takes it upon himself to show them what he is capable of. While he is planning to take out the conglomerate, he comes across lawyer Hong Cha-yeong who will go to extreme lengths to win her cases no matter what. Smitten by her, he finds love in a tough world. They pair up to bring down a conglomerate and to get ready to show them who Vincenzo Cassano really is.

Starring: Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been, Ok Taecyeon

Director: Kim Hee-won

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