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Barbarians, German Action Era Series Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix with English Subtitles, Release Date 23rd October 2020.

This series is based on a true battle which happened back in 9 A.D. This German web-series will be in the Latin Language.

The series will be about the epic battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which Germanic warriors stopped the northward advance of the Roman Empire in 9 A.D. Back then, “Barbarians” were anyone who didn’t speak the esteemed language of Latin, according to the Roman Empire. The series will also focus on a loyal Roman officer, who struggles with his duties for the empire that raised him against his own tribal people.

Cast: Gaetano Aronica, Bence Ferenczi, Jeanne Goursaud, Tibor Milos Krisko, Jeremy Miliker, Laurence Rupp and David Shütter.

Directed by Barbara Eder and Steve Saint Leger.

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