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Mastram (2020)

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Mastram is an adult comedy series set in the backdrop of the eighties, when Hindi novels were read voraciously by people in the Hindi heartlands. Mastram is centred on a writer who writes Hindi novels for a living, focusing on historical fiction. But he finds it difficult to get his novel published, as publishers say that nowadays only spicy and provocative writing sells. His publisher also tells him to do the same. He tries his hand at writing erotic stories, and becomes successful as Mastram. Every male, from college boys to grown up men to even senior citizens lap up his novels and lose themselves in the fantasy erotic world he builds. Thus, each episode of the series has at its centre one novel, focusing on the story of that novel. Trouble brews when the girl he falls in love with, hates Mastram and the type of writing he does. How will Mastram balance his career and his love life, forms the rest of the series. Starring Anshuman Jha, Tara Alisha Berry, Aakash Dabhade, Jagat Singh Rawat, Rani Chatterjee, Kenisha Awasthi, Garima Jain, Isha Chabbra and Aabha Paul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWZ4mtZtvww

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