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Ramani Vs Ramani (1998)

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Swathi Family Entertainer presents here, the first ever Tamil comedy play in the “sitcom” format, directed by Naga of Marmadesam fame. The era of Min Bimbangal in Tamil Television (1990 – 2005) was a golden era of riveting, taut, intelligent, engaging and meaningful serials, all lush with life. The oeuvre of Min Bimbangal encompassed a broad range of genres, including sitcoms, soaps, homegrown thrillers and chat shows; every one of them being trend setters par excellence. The home being a Moral Instruction Class of his dominating mother, Mr. Ramany is a potential candidate for the couch. His dream was to flee to the US of A like a normal urban Indian, but his family had other plans; to shackle his ankle, as they say in Tamil, to Ms. Ramany. The influence of the wanna-be generations on one side and the overdose of Sai Baba bhajans on the other, she is equally, a candidate for the couch.

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