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Time Enna Boss (2020)

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Amazon Prime Video is on a hit streak this year as everything they have touched has just given them success. With Shows like Paatal Lok, Bandish Bandits and upcoming Mirzapur 2, the Hindi market of Prime is on a roll. Now if you think that Prime only is thinking of North Indian content then you are wrong as they have released a major number of south Indian movies starring top actors. Hence they have grabbed the attention of South Indian audience and are looking forward to maintaining it. All the love and support for Amazon Prime Video has given them the freedom to do something different for the Indian audience and hence they are coming with a Tamil Sitcom which revolves around the concept of Time Travel. The show is named Time Enna Boss and is produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy and Kandaswamy Bharathan.

The show revolves around Bala who is a man in his mid to late twenties. He has a average life, he works as an IT professional and constantly gets into arguments with his parents. He follows the same schedule daily untill one day his life changes completely. Four people emerge out of nowhere in his house. After freaking out, Bala questions then to which it is revealed that they all belong to different time period from past and future of Bala’s current time period which is 2019. All four of them start to live at Bala’s house and start to figure out the way to get out of 2019. But while staying there they get into trouble adjusting to the lives of 2019.

The show stars some of the big names of the industry including :- Bharath Niwas , Priya Bhavanishankar, Alexander Babu, Robo Shankar, Karunakaran, Sanjana Shetty, R Parthiban and others.

Amazon Prime Video had released an official trailer for the show which is also available on YouTube. The audience are loving that they are going to get something innovative and different and are excited for the show.

Release date:
The Time Travel Sitcom is all set to release on Amazon Prime Video on 18th September 2020. It will be a 10 episode show and all the episodes will be released at the same time.

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