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Wishlist - MX Player-

Wishlist (2020)

  • Category: Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Hindi
  • Streaming Date: 11 Dec 2020
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Wishlist is an upcoming drama movie which will be premiering on MX Player. The streaming platform has been churning out great content this year and with ‘Wishlist’ they are looking to continue their hit streak.

‘Wishlist’ has been directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rahat Kazmi whose several works have garnered praise internationally.


Wishlist follows a young couple named Shalini and Mohit both of whom hail from middle class background. As is the case with any other middle class family and it’s residents, both of them have many desires and wishes that they would like to complete. But due to their hectic work life they never got the time to pursue their dreams of visiting the world.

Their life turns upside down when Mohit is diagnosed of Stage 3 Tumor in his Spinal Cord leaving him with only 3 months of time. The couple gets distraught over the news and Mohit almost gives up. But it’s Shalini who motivates him to live his life to the fullest. And the couple decides to live their wishlist and visit the places and do things that they’ve always dreamed of.


Hina Khan, Jitendra Raj in the lead roles. Namita Lal, Dhruvin Sanghvi, Monica Aggarwal, Neelu Dogra, François d’Artemare in supporting roles.

Release Date

Wishlist seems to be an engaging drama with lots of emotions and dialogues that will surely connect with the audience. It will be releasing on 11th December 2020 on MX Player.

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Wishlist - MX Player-

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