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Without Remorse, an English film is streaming online, watch on Amazon Prime, streaming on 30th April.

Without Remorse is an action-packed thriller with a gripping storyline.

Without remorse is the story of John Clark aka Kelly, a navy seal. He seeks to take revenge on the people who took everything from him when they murdered his wife but on this path he realises that a larger conspiracy is going on in the background. Without Remorse is the origin story of the navy seal John Clark and is based on a character created by Tom Clancy (Famous for ‘Jack Ryan). Without Remorse was first published as a novel in 1993 and speaks about a soldier whose instincts to kill get further inflamed when his loved one is taken away from him.

Starring: Michael B Jordan, Lauren London, Jacob Scipio, Jodie Turner-Smith, Cam Gigandet

Directed by: Stefano Sollima

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