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Vijay, a carefree and frolicsome youth, is sent by his father Deenadayalan in Ooty to work and becoming a responsible businessman. There, he falls in love with the college student Anjali. Her brothers are dangerous criminals and they are against their love because Vijay’s father is a police officer. Thereafter, Devaraj is sent to jail so his brother appoints the lawyer Karnaa who is disabled and a sensitive person. Later, Karnaa falls in love with the school teacher Amudha, after few quarrels between both. One day, Deenadayalan saw Karnaa at the court who looks like his son Vijay. In the past, he had twin boys, but abandoned one of the twin baby because he was disabled. Karnaa is upset when he knew the truth and is now determined to win the case in front of his father.

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